Alkalized Cocoa Powder LM-16

Cocoa beans are the fruit of the cocoa tree and the source of all the delicious chocolate products you know and love. Old Olmecs and Yeasts are the first people who growing this tree and recognizing its potential as food. Alkalized Cocoa Powder is a product that can easily be mixed with other forms of cocoa.

Properties of alkalized cocoa powder

Alkalized cocoa powder, compared to Natural cocoa powder, alkalized cocoa is darker brown, has reddish undertones; it is lighter in flavor and blends more easily with liquids. Alkalized cocoa has an alkaline pH of 7 to 8, while natural cocoa powder has around 5 pH. Alkalized powder is sold in stores, as well as other types of baking chocolate, and sometimes labeled as Dutched cocoa or European style cocoa.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing is its rich, deep, and sometimes the color, a by-product of Dutch. However, color is not always an indication of quality or chocolate flavor. In fact, the always popular Oreo cookie is made with high Dutched cocoa powder, sometimes called black cocoa. This gives it a characteristic dark color, but with very little chocolate flavor.

So what is unique about this cocoa powder? We produce it ourselves and it’s as natural as possible.
Our cocoa beans are organic, fermented to perfection, and sun-dried at the factory where they are roasted, peeled, and pressed to produce cocoa powder in our plants in the Amazon region. In contrast to many brands around the world, LATAMARK does not alkalize the beans to give a deeper color and reduce acidity. it is the original cocoa powder and creates an entirely new experience. Pure and delicious, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, baking, etc.
LATAMARKO’s cocoa is known for its extra rich flavor.

Latamarko Alkalized Cocoa Powder LM-16
Fat content:
10 – 12 %
Ph: 7.2 – 7.9
Color: Dark brown, brown

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