Alkalized Cocoa Powder LM-60

Cocoa powder, Dutched or natural, consists of a single ingredient: cocoa.
The difference is that Dutched cocoa takes an extra step in the production process.

Normal cocoa powder is formed from cocoa beans. This bean is fermented, roasted, crusted, and then turned into a paste known as a chocolate liqueur. This is roughly 50/50 cocoa butter (butter) and cocoa solids. In this step, it can be molded and sold as sugar-free baking chocolate. To make cocoa powder, the liquor is pressed hydraulically to extract ~ 75% of the oil and then powdered into cocoa powder.

Properties of alkalized cocoa powder

Alkalized cocoa powder, compared to Natural cocoa powder, alkalized cocoa is darker brown, has reddish undertones; it is lighter in flavor and blends more easily with liquids. Alkalized cocoa has an alkaline pH of 7 to 8, while natural cocoa powder has around 5 pH. Alkalized powder is sold in st

Dutch cocoa powder has an extra stage before it is ground into shelled bean liqueur. They are immersed in an alkaline solution of potassium carbonate.

Dutch cocoa was created in the 19th century by a Dutchman named Coenraad J. van Houten. Van Houten had invented the method of using a hydraulic press to degrease the chocolate liqueur. At this time, hot chocolate will have a greasy oily scum that floats on the drink. Removing most of the oil prevented this. However, it made the drink much harder, acidic, and gave it a much lighter color.

So what is unique about this cocoa powder? We produce it ourselves and it’s as natural as possible.
Our cocoa beans are organic, fermented to perfection, and sun-dried at the factory where they are roasted, peeled, and pressed to produce cocoa powder in our plants in the Amazon region. In contrast to many brands around the world, LATAMARK does not alkalize the beans to give a deeper color and reduce acidity. it is the original cocoa powder and creates an entirely new experience. Pure and delicious, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, baking, etc.
LATAMARKO’s cocoa is known for its extra rich flavor.

Latamarko Alkalized Cocoa Powder LM-60
Fat content: 10 – 12 %
PH: 7.5 – 8.0
Color: Deep Dark Brown, Dark Brown

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