CBS oil is one of the substitutes for cocoa butter in the Lorik substitute category. Because cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients in chocolate, it is very important. Natural cocoa butter is used to make chocolate due to its special melting behavior and unique properties, but today, due to its limitations and high price, its substitutes are used, which are obtained from palm kernels by fractional technology.

They generally replace cocoa butter in molded and coated chocolates. These oils have a good melting point and are well resistant to oxidation and prevent them from blooming when storing chocolate. Cocoa butter substitutes are chemically completely different from cocoa butter, but they have a little physical resemblance. Most of them are lauric and are suitable as a 100% alternative to cocoa butter, because they melt quickly and do not require thermal adjustment, and since they crystallize quickly and have low viscosity, they have many applications in coatings. They are chocolate.

On the other hand, they have limitations in mixing with cocoa butter and are often used in combination with low-fat cocoa powder. Because they are high in lauric acid, they are more likely to become hydrolyzed and have a soapy taste.

CBS application:
In the production of molded chocolates
Cover products such as wafers, biscuits, and marshmallows
As a raw material in the confectionery industry
This oil can be used in confectionery cream formulations and processes and cheesy cheeses as an alternative to animal fats.

Good fragility
High molding capability
Thermal resistance
The resulting products have gloss, and this gloss is usually durable.
Its iodine index is low, so it is less sensitive to oxidation.
Compatibility with cocoa butter, up to a maximum of 5% in the fat phase
Based on lauric acid

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