Theobroma oil, called cocoa butter, is made by fermenting the pale yellow color and pure and edible cocoa beans after roasting.
Properties: Cocoa butter is one of the most stable oils known to have a long shelf life and is anti-pity and sour due to the antioxidants in its natural composition. Besides, it is a popular oil with its velvety texture, pleasant, and softening properties.

Cocoa butter is fat at room temperature and begins to melt after 34 degrees. Usage Areas: It is a type of oil frequently used in the food and cosmetics industry. Cocoa butter is essentially the raw material of chocolate. It is also used in confectionery. It is used together with cocoa powder in chocolate production. In confectionery and white chocolate, cocoa butter is used, not cocoa powder.

Cocoa butter is the most expensive component of chocolate formulation and the most important component. Cocoa butter contains an average of more than 35% oleic acid. Cocoa butter triglycerides are solid at room temperature and have a melting range of 35-32 C, and since their melting point is close to body temperature, Once in the mouth, it melts.
After pressing the cocoa dough or liqueur, the cocoa butter is extracted and the rest is ground, which is the same as cocoa powder.

The total fat content of cocoa beans based on dry weight is about 49-48%, and this fat is stored in cocoa beans in the form of triglycerides. An adult cocoa bean can store more than 700 mg of cocoa butter. Since a tree may produce about 2,000 seeds a year, each tree will produce an average of more than 15 kilograms of cocoa butter per year.


Our pressed, deodorized, pure cocoa butter varieties obtained from cocoa beans using high technology is an important input for the chocolate industry. The cocoa butter we offer provides the mouth feeling, hardness, and shape development in chocolate, and improves the perception of taste.

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