LATAMARKO Cocoa Mass (Liqueur)

Cocoa Liqueur It is a form of cocoa beans that are roasted briefly for cocoa liquor. The quality of cocoa liquor depends on the kernel used. Generally, manufacturers mix different kinds of beans with appropriate proportions in order to provide the desired quality, aroma, and taste.

Cocoa liqueur, which is the main ingredient of chocolate production, is not an alcohol-containing substance as expected; cocoa mass. Usage Areas: If we come to making chocolate; The first stage of both cocoa and chocolate production is cocoa liquor. Cocoa butter is added to the resulting cocoa liquor and they can be transformed into milk or dark chocolate, depending on the desired variety.

In addition to milk chocolate and white chocolate made only from cocoa butter, milk and sugar are added and a mixture is obtained.

LATAMARKO Cocoa Mass (Liqueur)

As the main input of real chocolate production, we offer a wide portfolio of cocoa mass (liqueur) that carries all the characteristics of cocoa beans of different origin, obtained by blending them individually or by blending them in different proportions. Cocoa liqueurs, which are presented in different roasting intensity, color range, and delicacy, are developed by preparing premium-brand chocolates and preparing products suitable for the taste of many sophisticated chocolate lovers.

Shelf Life: 12 months
The oil rate is a minimum of 52%.

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