LATAMARKO Extra virgin olive oil

Ultra-virgin or extra-virgin olive oil is unrefined olive oil and is the highest quality type of olive oil. The extraction method of extra virgin olive oil is such that the real taste of the olive is felt and the vitamins and minerals in the olive are abundant in this oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has less oleic acid than other types of olive oils. This oil has not been altered by chemical substances and thermal processes.
Its color is greenish green and has a different flavor. The taste ends sharply. This type of oil is a good suggestion for preparing cold dishes and foods.

Olive oil is used in which the free acidity in terms of oleic acid is not more than 0.8g per 100g.
Properties of extra virgin olive oil the amount of fat-soluble vitamins in extra virgin olive oils is higher than other oils, and the essential fatty acids in these oils are very good for the body.

100 grams of extra virgin olive oil contains the following nutrients:
Vitamin K: 75% of each person’s daily needs
Vitamin E: 72 needs per person per day
Omega 3: 76.0%
Omega 6: 7.9%
73% monounsaturated fat (usually oleic acid)
8.13% saturated fat

LATAMARKO Extra virgin olive oil

This type of olive oil, also called ultra-virgin olive oil, is the highest quality type of olive oil, and the process of extracting this oil is such that when you consume the produced oil, you will feel the real taste of olives. Also, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in olives are present in this oil and it has less oleic acid (less than 1%) compared to the two types mentioned above. To extract this oil from any chemicals or Heat is not used and its color is golden green. The aroma of this type of olive oil is different and when you eat it, it ends sharply at the end. Most of this oil is used to make sauces and cold foods.
Latamarko Extra virgin (Acidity under 0.08%)

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