Turkish coffee, the name of the method of coffee preparation and cooking found by the Turks. It has a unique identity and tradition with its unique taste, foam, smell, and presentation style. It is the only type of coffee served with grounds.

The researchers state that coffee spread from Abyssinia to the whole world at the beginning of the 14th century, and the origin of the place is the Kaffa region in South Abyssinia, whose etymology is similar to coffee.

The beverage, which was first obtained by boiling the coffee fruit in the Arabian Peninsula, gained its original taste with this brand new method of preparation and cooking. Europe meets with coffee thanks to Turks; For many years, he prepared and consumed coffee as Turkish coffee with this method.

Turkish Coffee, originating from Brazil and Central America, blended from arabica type, high-quality coffee beans and preferably slowly, meticulously roasted in a coal fire, is very finely ground. With the help of a coffee pot, it is cooked by adding water and sugar, optionally, and two teaspoons of coffee are thrown into a cup of coffee.

PROPERTIES Turkish coffee

It is the oldest coffee cooking method in the world.
It consists of foam, coffee, and grounds.
Thanks to its soft and velvety foam, it is the type of coffee that continues its taste for the longest time.
Thanks to this delicious foam, which can remain intact for a few minutes, it can stay hot for a long time.
Since it is presented in a thin-edged cup, it cools slower than other types of coffee and thus offers a longer-lasting coffee pleasure.
With its intense syrupy consistency, it stimulates the flavor buds in the mouth and takes place in the memory.
Compared to other types of coffee, it is more viscous, soft, and aromatic.
It can be easily distinguished from other coffees with its unique exquisite fragrance and special foam.
It is considered as the only coffee that can be boiled by coffee lovers.
It is the only type of coffee used to describe the future. Cafedomancy: Prophecy using coffee grounds.
It is unique because its coffee is in the cup but it does not need to be filtered and filtered as it grounds on the ground.
As sugar is added while preparing, there is no need to taste afterward, as in other coffees.
It is healthy because the grounds that accumulate at the bottom of the cup are not drunk.
Although it is drunk frequently, it does not cause bloating since it is not much in quantity.
Compared to other types of coffee, it contains less caffeine.


Caffeine Amount: 65 ml (one cup) 60 mg

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