Latamarko , The best cocoa powder in Turkey

Latamarko , The best cocoa powder in Turkey



Latamarko, the best cocoa powder you can find in Turkish market

To know more about our cocoa powder please follow and read article below

latamarko cocoa industry

latamarko cocoa industry

Before you get into details about the many different options available in the market, you should first learn more about what to consider when buying. The following factors will make a big difference in the quality of the powder you pick

First let me elaborate what is the best cocoa powder

  • Comes from a well-established and reliable brand
  • Delivers the ideal taste & texture for drinks
  • Quality and color
  • The country that it comes from


Cocoa powder which Latamarko produced comes from two different places


Latin America

As you may know , there are differences between African cocoa powder and Latin American cocoa powder . Although the quality of both are high and the texture of both are acceptable but the usage can be different

What do we do in cocoa powder procedure?

First we buy the best cocoa beans from our filed in Africa or south America. then we load the cargo and ship it to Mersin port in Turkey

After that the cargo comes to our factory We start processing section .

Then we send the samples to laboratory . we take the result and the products are ready



Shipping process

As we received the order the Email will directly goes to our purchasing department . then they contact the company to confirm the order and issue the invoice

Then it is the time to prepare the documents . As everything ready we will load the cargo to ship the destination

It will take 30 days from loading time to destination

Sets of documents are BL , invoice , SGS and contract

We send them via first class courier as the payment conformed from our bank

Latamarko the best you can find in Turkey

Latamarko is producer of many organic cocoa products in Turkey . we are the biggest cocoa supplier in Turkey and we trade over 10 countries around the world

If you are interested on our products feel free to contact our agents



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